1960Late chairman Ch. Ved Ram Nagar started milk collection from 60 litres of milk/day.

1980Partnership firm Ved Ram Veer Singh was incorporated.

1984Ch. Ved Ram started a firm at Gulaothi for selling milk and milk products like ghee, butter, milk powder etc.

1986Ved Ram & Sons partnership firm incorporated.

1987Sahibabad plant was set up for liquid milk processing with a capacity of 3,00,000 litres of Milk/day in NCR.

1992Another plant at Gulaothi was installed to manufacture SMP (Skimmed Milk Powder) and Ghee.

1996VRS Foods Limited incorporated to take over the running business of Ved Ram Veer Singh.

1998Gulaothi plants capacity was enhanced to 2, 50, 000 ltrs/day.

1999A new plant at Sahibabad was established for manufacturing of Casein and Demineralized Whey Powder with a capacity of 8 lakh litres.

2001Gulaothi’s capacity was further enhanced from 2.5 lakh litres of milk/day to 4 lakh litres of milk/day.

2003UHT plant was established at Sahibabad.

2004 Another plant at Gwalior (Manipur) was set up for manufacturing SMP and Desi Ghee.

2006There were additions in the capacity of casein to 12 lakh litres of milk/day at Sahibabad and setting up of Lactose Plant at Gulaothi.

2006Sahibabad plant liquid milk processing capacity further enhanced upto 6 LLPD of milk per day.

2007 A new plant at sandila was set up with a capacity of 4lakh litres of milk/day for manufacturing Ghee and SMP.

2008Conversion of Partnership firm M/s Ved Ram & Sons into a joint stock company namely Ved Ram & Sons Pvt. Ltd. on 15th May, 2007.

2008Amalgamation of VRS Foods Ltd with M/s Ved Ram & Sons Pvt. Ltd. Through High Court Order dated 15th July, 2008 & change of name from M/s Ved Ram & Sons Pvt. Ltd. on 19th September, 2008 through High Court order.

2008Conversion from Private Limited to Limited i.e conversion of VRS Foods Pvt. Ltd. into VRS Foods Ltd. on 26th September,2008.

2008 Enhancement of capacity of Malanpur plant was made to 10lakh litres/day for additional product mix of Casein and whey Powder.

2009Lucknow “MPD” Milk Project was started with opening of 14 New Collection Centres.

2011A new product introduced 'Flavoured Milk in Four Flavours’.

2011 SAP implementation continued to be accorded high priority during the year and GOLIVE from 1st July, 2011.

2012Milk launched in Mumbai, Kanpur and Lucknow.

2014Cow ghee launched.

2016New plant setup at Ahmednagar, Maharashtra for producing Ghee, Butter and SMP

2017Paras introduced Milk Shakes in 4 different delicious ice-cream flavours.