Export Overview

Riding on the back of strong domestic acceptance, Paras has already registered its presence in the International arena. With modern dairy ingredient plants in technical collaboration with Westfalia Separator, A.G.Germany, Filteration Engineering Inc, U.S.A. and Applexion, France. Paras has ensured that its processing capabilities and therefore its products are second to none. Exporting to 45 countries in the world.

Our product range include
Skimmed Milk powder (ADPI Extra Grade)
Whole Milk Powder - Regular & Instant
Acid & Rennet Casein
Caseinates (Na/Ca,k)
Sweet Whey Powder
Demineralised Whey Powders - 50, 70 & 90
Lactose (Edible/pharma Grade)
Whey Protein Concentrate - 34%, 70%, 80%
Whey Protein Permeate
Milk Protein Concentrate - 70%, 80%
UHT Processed Milk
White Unsalted Butter
Milk Calcium

E-mail: exports@parasdairy.com