Procurement & Process
Operating procedure of milk procurement:
To meet the milk requirement for manufacturing different milk products, VRS Foods Limited procures good quality milk from 3 sources:
(A). Through Franchise:

In this procedure we provide our infrastructure for milk chilling, staff for grading & testing of milk and tankers for timely lifting of milk from MCC, to a person who procures milk on our behalf. Milk comes directly to our MCC dock, where after proper grading and testing milk is accepted.

(B). Through Supplier:

In this system, people who have their own chilling facilities, procure milk through small vendors and after proper chilling of milk, send the milk to our dairies through their own tankers. At dairy, after proper testing on different parameters, if milk is found as per prescribed norms is accepted.

(C). Through VLC System (Direct from producers at village level):

Salient features of this system are as follows

  1. Procurement and collection of milk is undertaken with most modern management systems and IT intervention. It involves use of Automatic Milk Collection Unit (AMCU/DPMCU). The person is selected as VSP after proper screening.
  2. The milk is collected in both shifts i.e. morning and evening throughout the year, through the Village Level Milk Collection Centers. (VLCs).
  3. Each VLC is staffed and equipped with the following: -

    One educated person called Village Service Provider (VSP), having a minimum qualification of matriculation, from the same village, who is adequately trained in clean milk production, collection and testing of milk, dispatching and transportation of milk, operating AMCU/DPMCU, pricing of milk, record keeping and reporting etc.
  4. Each VSP is required to have adequate space for collection and testing of milk, which can accommodate testing equipment’s, milk collection and transporting milk cans and keeping records etc.
  5. Each producer is trained in hygienic milking procedure and carrying milk in a steal bucket, with a cover on it to VLC.
  6. A team of qualified and trained supervisors is engaged to control& monitor the activities at VLC level. They also train, guide and facilitate the VSP to accomplish his task of procuring good quality milk from the producers.
  7. Milk from VLCs is brought to MCC through milk vans in 40 liter aluminum cans, as per the schedule time table so that quality of milk remains good and it is immediately chilled below 40C, to keep the quality of milk intact.
  8. At dairy dock of MCC, qualified staff is deputed for proper grading and testing of milk and as per norms, only good quality of milk is accepted.
  9. VRS Foods Ltd. is already catering the demand of urban masses of milk & milk products through a network of distributors and through door-to-door delivery system, in NCR, Delhi and western part of UP.
  10. From Dairies as per the demand of market, milk & milk products are supplied through insulated vans so that quality of milk & milk products could be maintained as per norms and government guidelines.
  11. The left out urban areas would be covered through direct selling of milk & milk products through distributors and vendors’ network.

To maintain the quality of milk procured from the rural areas approximately 100 milk chilling centers would be hired in the area of operation (In the 5th year of operation) so that within 2.30 hrs milk would be chilled after procurement, VRS Foods Ltd. is having its processing units at Sahibabad, Gulaothi, Sandila,Malanpurand Ahmednagarfor providing milk and milk products to urban masses. These dairies will cater liquid milk and indigenous milk products demand of neighboring districts. These dairies are meeting the demand of butter, ghee, cheese and export quality milk products. From the dairies, milk and milk products would be transported through insulated vans to neighboring districts so that quality of milk & milk products could be maintained as per prescribed norms and guidelines.