Milk Shake Vanilla

Nutritional Information per 100ml*

Per 100 ml (Approx) %RDA*
Energy 113.7kcal 4%
Fat 4.5g 15%
Protein 3.3g 6%
Carbohydrate 15.0g 3%
Added Sugar 10.0g 33%
Calcium 120.0mg 20%
Added Vitamin D3 60 IU 15%
Added DHA # 15.0mg 5%

*Approximate Values

Launching "The Do Good Liquid Snack" - Milk shakes from Paras Dairy. Paras Milk shakes are a delicious and healthy range of ice-creamy shakes enriched with Vitamin D3, Calcium and DHA known to help in developing stronger bones and improving brain functions. Made with the goodness of milk, it is specially enriched with Vitamin D3, added calcium and DHA, in four tastily blended flavours - chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and butterscotch.

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Net Contents: 180ml